International Journal of Academic Management Science Research (IJAMSR)
  Year: 2018 | Volume: 2 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 14-21
Evaluation of The Impact Brought By Social Networks on Academic Performance of Higher Learning Students
Othman Mohammed Ahmed, Lusekelo Kibona

Social networking sites and applications play an important role in the present generation or in today’s society in terms of communications and learning environment to some extent in which now educators or teachers are finding the way on how can these social networks be used as teaching and learning tools. Even though they have simplified communications among students and teachers they have also brought some impact to students in academic performance. The aim of this study was to explore how the students of State University of Zanzibar are using the social networks and then find out the impact of those social networks on academic performance of higher learning students in Zanzibar because no research has been conducted to find out why the academic performance of students are degrading (or becoming poor) day to day. 160 students from all levels of State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) were surveyed for the purpose of data collection and the questionnaires were distributed randomly in the library during academic hours. The data were collected based on convenience methodology. It was found that the use of social networks brought negative effects on academic performance of students in higher learning institutions. It was recommended that for students’ academic performance to improve, strong restrictions must be placed on the use of social networks during lecture hours, also students must be counseled on the hours spent on using social networks in the sense that if possible they should be advised to use one or two hours only per day