International Journal of Academic Management Science Research (IJAMSR)
  Year: 2019 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 72-80
Sustainability in the Nigerian Business Environment: Problems and Prospects
Anekwe Rita Ifeoma, Dr. Ndubusi-Okolo Purity, Uzoezie Chuka

The business environment of an enterprise consists of the internal and external environmental factors affecting the performance of business enterprises. The environmental factors consist of all the factors or variables, both inside and outside the business. In order for businesses to accomplish their objectives and goals, they have to brace both their internal and external environment. The research focused on the Sustainability in the Nigeria Business Environment: Problems and Prospects. The study adopted conceptual approach in order to identify some challenges confronting Nigeria business environment, Measures of tackling challenges confronting Nigeria business environment and key strategies for business sustainability. System theory was adopted. It was conclude that the business environment is considered as being central to economic activities and growth worldwide. For a business to realize its objective, it depends greatly on the ability of the enterprise to accomplish its key performance indicator in a sustainable manner. The study therefore recommends that Government should create friendly and enabling environment that would be conducive for both business organizations and investors to thrive in order to ensure sustainability and growth of the economy.