International Journal of Academic Accounting, Finance & Management Research (IJAAFMR)
  Year: 2021 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 11 | Page No.: 1-7
Comparative Assessment the Dynamics of Stock Indices in France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain
Vyacheslav Lyashenko, Valeria Baranova, Tetyana Novikova

Comparative assessment is one of the tools for data processing and analysis. This assessment allows you to assess the effectiveness of interaction and direction of development between the objects that are compared. Among the various spheres of scientific and applied research, the analysis of the development of economic relations deserves special attention. This is necessary to understand the dynamics of general economic development, the functioning of economies in difficult conditions (for example, in the context of a pandemic). The object of such a study can be various financial flows. The generalizations of the movement of financial flows are stock indices. We examined the relationship between the dynamics of stock indices in France, Germany, Italy and the UK. We reviewed the most significant stock indices in each of the countries. This makes it possible to assess the economic development of such European countries, their mutual influence on each other, to show the level of interconnection. For this we use the ideology of wavelet analysis. Based on wavelet coherence, we examined estimates of the relationship between stock indices in France, Germany, Italy and the UK. The results of calculations for real data are presented. The results show the real level of economic interconnection between the countries we study. These results are based on the real dynamics of stock indices. This allows making decisions for the development of mutual economic ties between European countries, between European countries and the rest of the world.