International Journal of Academic Accounting, Finance & Management Research (IJAAFMR)
  Year: 2021 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 11 | Page No.: 8-14
The Influence of Training and Training Transfer Factors on the Performance of Higher Education Employees
Ali Abu Jarad

Prominent studies have suggested that employee Training Transfer and job performance can be enhanced by supervisor support, Work Environment and Motivation to share knowledge. In the context of Palestine, past studies had indicated conflicting findings with regards to the effect of the abovementioned training factors in improving Training Transfer and job performance. Hence, this current paper attempts to examine the effect of the abovementioned training factors on job performance as mediated by Training Transfer. Employee training and development is one of the major challenges faced by developing countries which is a critical issue as employees are considered as crucial organizational assets. This quantitative assessment used a sample of 328 academic employees from various universities in Palestine. The findings demonstrated that Training Transfer positively mediates the relationship between Work Environment and job performance. However, it has an insignificant mediating effect in the relationship between supervisor support and job performance as well as in the relationship between Sharing Knowledge Motivation and job performance.